Witness: Pharma exec gave lap dance to Dr. while promoting drug

An executive for an opiate company allegedly used a lap dance to promote her company's dangerous drugs...

By Alex Reid on February 4, 2019

Factory Farming Increases Diabetes Risk?

See why even healthy food could be making you sick

By Alex Reid on January 31, 2019

[Urgent] Blood pressure drug RECALLED over cancer-linked ingredient

If you or someone you love takes medication for blood pressure, you may want to get your doctor on the phone ASAP. Because urgent reports are coming in that a popular blood pressure medication contains too much of a carcinogen called N-Nitrosodiethylamine.

By Alex Reid on January 28, 2019

[Exposé] Sugar industry quietly paid scientists to unfairly blame fat

According to the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine: "For the past five decades, the sugar industry has been attempting to influence the scientific debate over the relative risks of sugar and fat."

By Alex Reid on January 21, 2019

Is sunscreen actually DANGEROUS?

Today we have another dramatic example of a health "fact" from our childhood being called into question: the use of sunscreen. Because it turns out that direct exposure to the sun is a crucial part of our wellbeing, and supplementing with vitamin D may not be nearly enough to overcome a modern life spent mostly indoors.

By Alex Reid on January 14, 2019

How football players "almost never get sick"

In this week's Monday roundup, Alex Reid talks football players' health, sugar habits in children, and a growing trend of "microdosing."

By Alex Reid on January 7, 2019


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