Incredible new probiotic defeats staph & more [Roundup]

Many of the greatest scientific and medical advances have been accidental. Penicillin, pacemakers, and the lifesaving blood thinner warfarin were all discovered completely accidentally. Heck, even the microwave was created accidentally, when a scientist walking through his lab noticed one of the devices had melted a candy bar in his pocket. And recently, another happy accident occurred in the halls of science...

By Alex Reid on October 15, 2018

CBD Oil vs. Opiate Painkillers [Infographic]

CBD oil is derived from hemp plants but contains none of the psychoactive THC chemical found in marijuana. Could this natural compound help solve the opiate crisis? Our infographic lays out the facts!

By Alex Reid on October 12, 2018

11 Simple Ways to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

You don't have to be a victim of diabetes. You can take control of your health. Modern research is showing that diabetes can be reversed naturally. This in-depth post will show you 11 steps you can take to start lowering your blood sugar today, without medication...

By Annalise May on October 11, 2018

Hospital didn’t treat her… but she still got a MASSIVE bill

I’m sure you’ve heard about ultra-expensive hospital bills showing up unexpectedly. And it’s a serious and growing problem in America. But have you ever heard of anyone getting an enormous bill after NOT receiving treatment?

By Alex Reid on October 9, 2018

Deadly Cell Phone Radiation, Killer Cheerios, and the Secret Powers of Vitamin C

The next generation of wireless technology could pose serious health and environmental risks; glyphosate, the popular weed killer, keeps finding its way into our food supply; and vitamin C holds tremendous potential for slashing heart attack risk.

By Alex Reid on October 8, 2018

Red Yeast Rice vs. Statins [Infographic]

Heart disease is one of the biggest health problems in the world, and that means statins are one of the highest-prescribed medicines. Could red yeast rice offer the same benefits in a natural, cheaper package? Our Clear Health Now infographic breaks it down by price, availability, safety, and more.

By Alex Reid on October 5, 2018

5 Joint Healing Super Foods

Want to Erase Your Joint Pain?

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  • The “Alaskan Gold” That Cuts Stiffness by 67%!
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