Could daylight saving be DEADLY?

The mass sleep disruption of daylight saving time could be responsible for hundreds of deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars of direct damage and lost productivity...

By Alex Reid on March 18, 2019

This one move improves your bowel movements

Tired of being constipated? Well, the solution may be simpler than medicinal remedies. This one move could make going to the bathroom easier...

By Alex Reid on March 12, 2019

The sleep code has been "cracked"

Research shows NATURAL sleep booster promotes falling asleep faster AND staying asleep longer. Clear Health Now editor Alex Reid brings you the details...

By Alex Reid on March 11, 2019

Secret Hand Technique Relieves Stress in 5 Minutes

We all need stress relief from time to time... but sometimes stress relievers can make the problem worse. But there's a simple solution, and it doesn't involve any prescription drugs or invasive procedures...

By Alex Reid on March 7, 2019

Cannabis Doctor Reveals ALL (Part 1)

Clear Health Now presents an exclusive interview with medical cannabis expert Dr. Deb Kimless. The following has been edited for clarity and readability, but the full version is available for members of the New Vitality Center.

By Alex Reid on March 5, 2019

URGENT recall of popular household item

The FDA issued a recall early this month for a commonly-taken pill, the second time this category has come under fire for cancer risk

By Alex Reid on March 3, 2019


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