5 Things to Do Before You Head to the Farmers Market

Written by Alex Reid
Posted November 14, 2019

Dear Reader,

Farmers markets offer an incredible experience.

Unlike the supermarket...

  • You get to meet the farmers in person.
  • You can ask them specific questions about produce.
  • You can usually bargain pricing!

It’s a win-win for you and the farmers. You get great produce on the cheap, and in turn, you support the local economy.

No wonder farmers markets have become such a trend in the last decade. 

Since 2008 alone, they’ve jumped by 76%!

It’s also better for the local economy.

Compared to chain supermarkets, local farms and other businesses retain roughly twice as much money in the area they produce and sell their products. 

And unlike industrial farms, most small-scale farms don't use chemical fertilizers, toxic pesticides and herbicides, or GMO crops. 

Small farms tend to apply sustainable farming practices to help prevent soil erosion and contamination. 

Whether you visit the farmers market to help support the local economy, save on your grocery bill, or protect the environment (or all three)... be prepared.

Before your next farmers market trip, write down these five things: 

1. Your Budget: The first thing you should write down before you head to the farmers market is how much you want to spend. Knowing how much you're willing to spend will help keep you from going over budget. Make sure you have your entire budget in cash and that you have small bills. Some vendors may have trouble breaking anything larger than a $20 bill. 

2. What's in Season: This is an important one. Since farmers markets typically only have locally grown food, you need to know which foods are in season in your area. This will give you an idea of what will be for sale and how you can use it in your meals at home. 

3. Your Shopping List: Find the overlap between the foods in season and what you enjoy eating. Then write down those foods so you know what to look for. This can also help keep your trips focused and efficient if you're short on time.

4. How Much You Need: Next to each item on your shopping list, write down the specific amount you need for your meals. You don't want to over-buy one item and be short on another. This also helps you plan how much you're able to spend out of your budget on each item.

5. Grocery Store Prices: One reason many people shop at the farmers market is to save money. In fact, one study found that the produce at farmers markets is 22% cheaper on average in most areas. Write down the grocery store's prices to compare on your trip to the farmers market. Remember to browse all of the vendors before you make a purchase. Then you can compare the prices and quality of products to get the best deal. 

Happy shopping! 

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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