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Soda shocker: diet options still linked to early death

Written by Alex Reid
Posted September 9, 2019

ALL sodas, diet and full-sugar, are correlated with lower lifespan. Find out more about this and other stories in today's roundup.

Harvard doctor issues urgent warning

Written by Alex Reid
Posted September 5, 2019

Tap water in your state likely contains this chemical... and a Harvard doctor is warning you to stay away from it. Here's how you can avoid it.

Could this strange Chinese tea replace statins?

Written by Alex Reid
Posted September 3, 2019

These Chinese tea leaves may have powerful positive effects. In fact, they may be able to replace the risky statins doctors use to guard against heart attacks...

Breaking: Over 1,600 school water fountains found contaminated with lead

Written by Alex Reid
Posted August 26, 2019

A recent study found that over 1,600 school water fountains in a certain U.S. state are contaminated with lead. Is your state at risk?

Air in these U.S. cities is "worse than a pack of cigarettes a day"

Written by Alex Reid
Posted August 19, 2019

The University of Washington found that air pollution in certain U.S. cities is seriously harmful...

[BREAKING] Cancer-linked containers at THIS fast-food chain

Written by Alex Reid
Posted August 12, 2019

Normally, fast food makes headlines for dangerous ingredients but that isn't the case this time. A popular fast-food chain is shown to have cancer-linked chemicals in its bowls...

WHO urges ban on "disease-linked" baby food

Written by Alex Reid
Posted July 22, 2019

The World Health Organization has issued a call to ban this type of baby food. There's a specific ingredient that scientists are convinced is seriously harmful to the health of young children.

Big Pharma facing criminal charges over childhood cancer lies

Written by Alex Reid
Posted July 15, 2019

Baby powder was known to contain a carcinogenic substance... and things appear to have finally escalated to criminal investigation. That and more in today's roundup...

Australia takes bold stand against this toxic chemical

Written by Alex Reid
Posted July 8, 2019

This is the first time a major country has completely banned a chemical... Find out what Australia is banning, plus more in this week's roundup.

Could cellphone use be causing people to grow HORNS?

Written by Alex Reid
Posted June 24, 2019

Unnatural head angles have been linked to "horns" growing out of the skulls of young people, plus more from the week's headlines...

[Urgent] Hepatitis risk from THIS frozen food

Written by Alex Reid
Posted June 10, 2019

A supermarket chain has issued an urgent recall over hepatitis A contamination in a popular frozen food... Make sure it's not in your freezer.

Father of All Foods slashes cholesterol by 18%

Written by Alex Reid
Posted June 3, 2019

Over 102 million adults in America struggle with high cholesterol. But don't stress if you're one of them, researchers discovered that there's one food that can slash your cholesterol levels in just weeks.

The two best antibacterial essential oils (avoid superbugs)

Written by Alex Reid
Posted May 14, 2019

Recent research uncovered two powerful antibacterial essential oils that may help treat and prevent superbugs — even ones that have become resistant to drugs.

Exposed: Massive U.S. company has power to silence research

Written by Alex Reid
Posted May 13, 2019

Bias and manipulation in research? Big corporations quietly fund many studies, according to findings from a team of researchers.

Water in this U.S. state RAISES your cancer risk

Written by Alex Reid
Posted May 6, 2019

A study finds arsenic, hexavalent chromium, and disinfection byproducts in the water in California. Clear Health Now editor Alex Reid discusses the implications of tainted water in this week's Monday roundup...