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[Urgent] Blood pressure drug RECALLED over cancer-linked ingredient

Written by Alex Reid
Posted January 28, 2019

If you or someone you love takes medication for blood pressure, you may want to get your doctor on the phone ASAP. Because urgent reports are coming in that a popular blood pressure medication contains too much of a carcinogen called N-Nitrosodiethylamine.

[Exposé] Sugar industry quietly paid scientists to unfairly blame fat

Written by Alex Reid
Posted January 21, 2019

According to the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine: "For the past five decades, the sugar industry has been attempting to influence the scientific debate over the relative risks of sugar and fat."

Is sunscreen actually DANGEROUS?

Written by Alex Reid
Posted January 14, 2019

Today we have another dramatic example of a health "fact" from our childhood being called into question: the use of sunscreen. Because it turns out that direct exposure to the sun is a crucial part of our wellbeing, and supplementing with vitamin D may not be nearly enough to overcome a modern life spent mostly indoors.

How football players "almost never get sick"

Written by Alex Reid
Posted January 7, 2019

In this week's Monday roundup, Alex Reid talks football players' health, sugar habits in children, and a growing trend of "microdosing."

Melatonin not working? This could be why

Written by Annalise May
Posted January 3, 2019

If you’re one of the millions of people desperately trying to get a good night’s sleep, you may have tried over-the-counter sleep aids such as melatonin, one of the most popular supplements for insomnia and occasional sleeplessness.

Let's make 2019 the year you're healthy AND happy [Roundup]

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 31, 2018

Traditionally, this is the time of year that people make resolutions. Time to change your diet, change your workouts and make big commitments to the new year's new you. And that is great. We're all for self-improvement, and we're all for a culture that encourages it.

Big Pharma pushing cancer-linked baby powder [Roundup]

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 17, 2018

Legal documents show that Johnson & Johnson knew its popular baby powder was tainted with asbestos as far back as the early '70s but continued to sell it and publicly state otherwise.

Women's cosmetics alter puberty & more (Roundup)

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 10, 2018

In today's Monday roundup, Alex Reid discusses a UC Berkeley study on dangerous substances in women's care products, plus the risk of using a neti pot and a protein that "could propel a cure for Alzheimer's."

Depression-fighting diet and more [Roundup]

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 3, 2018

Welcome to your Monday roundup! This week, we examine how dietary changes can affect mental health, as well as a new cancer treatment. Plus, head to Facebook for info on a recall.

Family dinners save lives and more [Roundup]

Written by Alex Reid
Posted November 26, 2018

Alex Reid here with your post-Thanksgiving roundup. Today's top story is a study from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Researchers found that even in chaotic and dysfunctional families, holding regular family dinners provides HUGE health benefits for children and teenagers.

The dangerous chemical lurking in your dry cleaning & more [Roundup]

Written by Alex Reid
Posted November 19, 2018

Some breaking news on the chemical front. It turns out that the most commonly used dry cleaning chemical is a potent neurotoxin.

More weed killer than vitamins in this cereal [Roundup]

Written by Alex Reid
Posted November 5, 2018

A research nonprofit called the Environmental Working Group has analyzed the amount of glyphosate weed killer found in some popular breakfast cereals. Sure enough, it found alarmingly high levels of weed killer pesticides, in some cases MORE than the vitamins proudly advertised on the box cover.

Endangered tropical plant kills cancer cells & more [Roundup]

Written by Alex Reid
Posted October 29, 2018

Japanese researchers at the prestigious Kanazawa University have found a rare tropical plant with incredible cancer-killing potential. Studies are still in the early stage, so don't expect it to start showing up in treatments right away, but this is another great example of modern science finding health breakthroughs OUTSIDE of the pharmaceutical assembly lines.

Top psychologist: "We got this WRONG" [Roundup]

Written by Alex Reid
Posted October 22, 2018

Today's top story is a rare moment of self-reflection from a top psychologist, who says we're misdiagnosing children with ADD. No kidding! If you've been paying attention to the way we treat children, it's obvious something is wrong.

Incredible new probiotic defeats staph & more [Roundup]

Written by Alex Reid
Posted October 15, 2018

Many of the greatest scientific and medical advances have been accidental. Penicillin, pacemakers, and the lifesaving blood thinner warfarin were all discovered completely accidentally. And recently, another happy accident occurred in the halls of science...