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How Fat is Your State?

Written by Alex Reid
Posted August 14, 2012

Guess which states top the list of America's top 10 most obese states...

Is This Popular Snack Causing Alzheimer's?

Written by Adam English
Posted August 13, 2012

Americans consume about 17 million quarts of it each and every year...

This Mushroom Can Improve Your Memory and Mood

Written by Alex Reid
Posted August 10, 2012

If you are at all concerned about your memory, you may want to start cooking with this...

One Reason You Shouldn't Eat Chick-A-Fil-A...

Written by Alex Reid
Posted August 2, 2012

And it has nothing to do with politics..

Bottoms Up! Research Reveals Booze Boosts Bone Health

Written by Alex Reid
Posted July 30, 2012

According to a new study, middle-aged women might have another reason to enjoy a few drinks...

The New Prehistoric Diet

Written by Brianna Panzica
Posted July 27, 2012

A poor diet is more dangerous than you think. Nutritionists say it's the #1 leading cause of obesity which leads to a myriad of other life-threatening health conditions...

Too Much of a Good Thing? Why Fruits and Veggies Can Be Harmful

Written by Alex Reid
Posted July 26, 2012

Can eating healthy actually be dangerous for you?

Big Pharma Hit With Record Fraud Fine

Written by Alex Reid
Posted July 18, 2012

GlaxoSmithKline nailed for promoting drugs for unapproved uses ...

Booze Reduces Arthritis Risk

Written by Alex Reid
Posted July 16, 2012

A new study from Sweden reveals more than three glasses of alcohol per week can cut the risk of Rheumatoid arthritis in half for women.

Are We More Bacteria Than Human?

Written by Alex Reid
Posted July 3, 2012

Scientists have mapped over 10,000 species of bacteria, fungi and other microbes living in and on healthy human bodies....

Low-Fat Salad Dressings Are Actually Worse For You

Written by Alex Reid
Posted June 21, 2012

Researchers at Purdue University find by using low-fat salad dressing, you might be losing out on the health benefits of eating a salad.