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The Amazing Power of Garlic

Posted November 18, 2015

A clove or two of garlic a day really might keep the doctor away...

Is Your Bike Sabotaging Your Sex Life?

Written by Dr. Geovanni Espinosa
Posted November 16, 2015

Is your bike the solution, or just part of the problem?

7 Shocking Benefits of Cinnamon

Posted November 10, 2015

Aside from being delicious, cinnamon packs some serious health benefits...

Capsaicin: Fight Cancer, Kill Pain and Live Longer

Written by Dr. Geovanni Espinosa
Posted October 27, 2015

A spotlight on the cancer-fighting potential of capsaicin...

7 Natural Ways to Clear Your Arteries

Written by Dr. Jack Wolfson
Posted October 22, 2015

A cardiologist walks you down the path of coronary artery blockages and how they are treated...

Mushrooms are Magic

Written by Dr. Geovanni Espinosa
Posted September 30, 2015

Mushrooms have extraordinary benefits for our health...

Eating This "Rock" Can Supercharge Your Heart

Written by Dr. Jack Wolfson
Posted September 29, 2015

Want to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and ward off dementia? Take a look at this ancient rock...

Using a Non-Stick Pan? You May Want to Read This...

Posted August 25, 2015

The chemical used in these pots and pans is dangerous to neural, reproductive, and immune health...

Healing Herbs: Stinging Nettle

Posted August 13, 2015

This herb is a natural detoxifier for your kidneys...

Five types of people who need more zinc (and why you're probably one of them)

Written by Dr. Geovanni Espinosa
Posted July 2, 2015

Five common conditions that usually warrant a daily boost...

9 Reasons Green Tea Could Add Years to Your Life

Written by Dr. Geovanni Espinosa
Posted June 26, 2015

You knew it was good for you, but you never knew it was this good...

Should You Eat or Avoid Fish During Cancer Treatment?

Posted May 29, 2015

Food can have potential effects on cancer treatment...

11 Proven Health Benefits of Ginger (No. 5 is Insane)

Posted April 13, 2015

Ginger is one of the very few "superfoods" that are actually worthy of that term...

9 Facts Everyone Should Know About Vitamin D

Posted April 8, 2015

Vitamin D is insanely good for your health...

Mr. Happy Ingredients

Written by Dr. Geovanni Espinosa
Posted March 26, 2015

The ingredients that make up Mr. Happy -- the ultimate male supplement.