Could this strange Chinese tea replace statins?

Research shows powerful effects from these rare tea leaves

Written by Alex Reid
Posted September 3, 2019

Doctors often prescribe statins for those with a high risk of heart disease. Statins are supposed to help lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of having a heart attack.

But as we’ve talked about before, statins aren’t actually all that effective — despite the impressive statistics that Big Pharma loves to push out in TV commercials. 

According to pharmaceutical companies, statins reduce your risk of developing a heart attack by 50%.

This sounds great, but what this means in the real world is this: 

Out of 100 people taking statins, only one person will have one less heart attack.1

That’s only a 1% chance of having just one less cardiac event. 

You might be thinking, “Well, that’s better than nothing, right?” 

But here’s the thing... Statin drugs have a range of side effects — one of which is a significantly higher risk of developing diabetes.2

And to offset this side effect, they recommend yet another medication... which has a whole other list of side effects that range from liver damage to muscle weakness.

Are you really that much better off taking statins? 

Probably not...

But there’s some new research that shows us a possible alternative to statins. This alternative not only helps lower cholesterol, but it also has numerous health benefits and little or no side effects. 

What am I talking about?

It’s called pu-erh tea. 

Researchers believe that just one cup a day may significantly reduce your risk of heart disease and cardiac events.

Pu-erh (pronounced “poo-air”) is a traditional Chinese tea that is only cultivated in the Yunnan province of China. It gets its name from the Pu-Erh County where it’s grown.  

You can find green and black varieties of pu-erh, both of which have a smooth flavor. The tea is mildly sweet and has a pleasant aroma of autumn leaves. 

Pu-erh tea is often packed into bricks and aged for 50 years or more.

China-based lab research showed that this aged tea can help reduce bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and raise good cholesterol levels (HDL). 

Researchers fed rats a high-fat diet for eight weeks. There were two groups, one of which was given pu-erh throughout the study.

The pu-erh group had significantly better triglyceride and cholesterol levels than the control group. This put them at a lower risk for cardiovascular disorders and heart attack.3

The researchers believe this effect is because the tea helps the body produce lovastatin. Lovastatin is a natural cholesterol-lowering compound. 

Though only animal trials have been done, human trials could be underway very soon. 

Aside from improving your cardiovascular system, this tea has numerous other benefits because of its high concentration of polyphenols, catechins, and flavonoids.

Pu-erh can help with:

  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving mental focus
  • Cleansing toxins
  • Protecting against free radicals
  • Protecting against cancer
  • Fortifying bones
  • Reducing stress
  • Keeping your body weight under control
  • Improving immune system function

The best part is that this tea is delicious and easy to make. 

When you’ve found the right pu-erh leaves, use this simple recipe: 

Step 1: Heat a kettle of water to around 212°F.

Step 2: Rinse the leaves (1.5–2 tbsp of leaves for every 6 oz of water).

Step 3: Steep the leaves for 2–4 minutes, depending on preferred strength.  

Step 4: Enjoy. 

Give it a try and see if it benefits your health.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now



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