Depression-fighting diet and more [Roundup]

New research shows dietary changes impact mental health in serious ways

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 3, 2018

Hi y'all,

Welcome to your Monday roundup.

More and more, we're seeing evidence that mental health IS physical health. How you feel mentally and physically appear to be extremely closely related.

That's good news! Because if that's true, it means taking good care of your physical health will improve your mental health, and vice versa.

New research in the World Journal of Psychiatry supports this way of thinking.

It shows that the right nutrients from diet make a serious difference when it comes to fighting depression. This also shows the power of lifestyle interventions in the face of expensive pharmaceuticals, a topic we always want to highlight! Get the full story right here.

Speaking of expensive pharmaceuticals, a promising new cancer treatment is going to cost $400,000 a year. Obviously any amount is reasonable when it comes to saving a human life, but this again highlights the need for medical solutions OUTSIDE of expensive drugs.

Finally, the FDA has issued multiple recalls for different heart and blood pressure medications. Head on over to Facebook for that story, and make sure to like and follow the page so we can continue to share breaking stories like that over there.

Lots of exciting things in the works! Especially on the superfood/nutrient front. So stay tuned.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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