Emotional Roller Coaster, Ladies and Gents? Control Estrogen Levels...

Written by Alex Reid
Posted October 3, 2019

Hormonal imbalances can cause massive issues for your physical and mental health. 

Ladies, if you struggle with headaches, mood swings, brain fog, concentration, irregular periods, hot flashes, UTIs...

Then you could have an estrogen imbalance!

Both too little and too much estrogen can cause all of these symptoms and much more. Some research even shows that abnormal estrogen can increase your risk of cancer. 

Guys, before you think you’re in the clear, you should know that men also need a healthy level of estrogen. Estradiol — the most abundant form of estrogen — is vital for libido, erectile function, and the creation of sperm.

Too much estrogen in men can cause issues like weight gain, high cortisol, headaches, mood swings, and anxiety. 

There’s some good news… 

Research shows you can use natural remedies to help regulate your estrogen levels with very few side effects.

How to boost your estrogen:

1. Black tea: If you have low estradiol, black tea may help regulate your hormone levels. An article published in 2005 suggests that black tea can even help reduce your risk for breast cancer due to its powerful hormone-regulating effects.

2. Red clover: If you’re undergoing or about to undergo menopause, red clover could help you keep your estrogen levels under control. Scientists discovered that red clover can increase estradiol levels in menopausal women.

3. DHEA: DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a crucial precursor for sex hormones. What this means is that it is essential to the production of estrogen. DHEA supplements may help increase estrogen production.

4. Yoga: It’s no secret that getting your body moving will make for a healthier and happier body and mind. One of the reasons could be because of the estrogen-regulating effect of exercise. Yoga is effective for increasing estrogen naturally.

5. Boron: Supplementing the mineral boron can help modulate estrogen levels in menopausal women.

6. Maca: Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng, is an edible plant found in the high Andes Mountains of Peru. Studies show that it can help with regulating estrogen in menopausal women.

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7. Fiber: Consuming fruits, vegetables, and grains that are high in fiber is associated with higher levels of estradiol.

8. Phytoestrogens: Soy, sesame, flaxseed, alfalfa, and some leafy greens contain phytoestrogens. These act similar to estrogen, which may improve low-estrogen symptoms. 

How to lower your estrogen:

1. Weight loss: Maintaining a healthy weight is key in regulating your hormone levels. If you have high estrogen, weight loss could help get your body back on track.

2. Aromatase inhibitors: Aromatase is an enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen. Inhibiting aromatase prevents this from happening. Zinc, selenium, and magnesium are aromatase inhibitors, which you can find in spinach, mushrooms, carrots, celery, and grapes.

3. Cut back on alcohol: High alcohol consumption increases estrogen levels in men and women. Cut out alcohol whenever possible.

4. Stay away from carbs: Carbs not only contribute to weight gain (which causes high estrogen), but they also directly contribute to high estrogen. Sticking to a low-carb diet is best for regulating hormone levels.

5. Indole-3-carbinol: Research suggests that indole-3-carbinol can help lower estrogen production. Cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts are all great sources of indole-3-carbinol.

Give these remedies a try and see if they help you. 

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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