Exposed: Massive U.S. company has power to silence research

Massive U.S. corporation has veto power over the research it quietly funds

Written by Alex Reid
Posted May 13, 2019

Hi y'all,

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

In yet another story of corporate misdeeds, Coca-Cola has been exposed as having enormous power over the scientific research it quietly funds.

A team of researchers filed a Freedom of Information request to review these deals, getting access to an enormous amount of paperwork.

And what they found was disturbing...

Especially given what we now know about the serious harm of the artificially sweetened drinks that make billions of dollars for the company.

According to the research team:

Provisions gave Coca-Cola the right to review research in advance of publication as well as control over (1) study data, (2) disclosure of results and (3) acknowledgement of Coca-Cola funding.

Some agreements specified that Coca-Cola has the ultimate decision about any publication of peer-reviewed papers prior to its approval of the researchers’ final report.

That full story, from the Journal of Public Health Policy, is right here.

In other news, patients with private insurance are paying WAY too much for medical care.

A recent report found that they pay on average a whopping 241% MORE than those with Medicare do. In detail, they found:

Some states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and Kentucky) had relative prices in the range of 150 to 200 percent of Medicare rates; other states (Colorado, Montana, Wisconsin, Maine, Wyoming, and Indiana) had relative prices in the range of 250 to 300-plus percent of Medicare rates...

Among hospital systems, prices ranged from 150 percent of Medicare rates at the low end to 350 to 400-plus percent at the high end.

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That full story from the Rand Corporation is right here.

And finally, a promising Israeli study shows an unusual treatment for childhood autism:


Researchers caution that this is still in the early stages, but the promising results show:

Medical marijuana extracts appear to help children with autism, reducing their disruptive behavior while improving their social responsiveness.

That full story from UPI is right here.

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President, Clear Health Now


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