Former DEA official now working for opiate manufacturer

Breaking story sheds light on Washington D.C.'s ugly revolving door system

Written by Alex Reid
Posted April 8, 2019

Hi y'all,

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

As you may know, we're based just outside Washington, D.C., with offices in northern Virginia and in Maryland near Johns Hopkins Hospital.

So we have our ear to the ground for D.C. news...

But you don't have to be a local to know that reports from D.C. just keep getting uglier and uglier.

And we don't mean just political news (though that's obviously bad enough).

Take a look at this breaking story:

Apparently a high-ranking official in the Drug Enforcement Agency is now working for a billion-dollar manufacturer of opiates, despite the fact that she was once tasked with HALTING the spread of the deadly and addictive drugs.

This agent actually “spent three decades at the DEA, specializing in preventing the diversion of prescription drugs” before she started being “paid to advise one of the largest opioid manufacturers in the country.”

So if the people entrusted to PROTECT us from the spread of dangerous and addictive drugs will just go on to enjoy fat checks from the manufacturers of those drugs...

It's no wonder drug abuse and addiction is rising at an alarming rate.


The full story from NBC is right here.

And in another alarming D.C.-related story, it turns out that Americans borrowed a WHOPPING $88 BILLION to pay for health care costs last year.

The same study found that:

One in four Americans have skipped treatment because of the cost, and that nearly half fear bankruptcy in the event of a health emergency.

Obviously that's not sustainable, and something will need to change at the systematic level.

We're not optimistic about that happening anytime soon, though...

Which is why we're committed to sharing natural breakthroughs and preventative measures, so people don't need to rely on this obviously broken system.


That full story from the New York Times is right here.

And finally, on a positive note, a new study is being performed on rare and unusual cancers.

Large pharmaceutical companies tend to ignore these ailments, since the small number of sufferers won't purchase enough drugs to make treatment profitable.

So it's great to see these outliers being addressed by the National Cancer Institute.

That full story from the AP is right here.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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