Harvard doctor issues urgent warning

(Don't drink from the tap until you read this)

Written by Alex Reid
Posted September 5, 2019

Fluoridated tap water is believed to decrease cavities and tooth decay throughout the United States.

But at what cost?

Are there lasting health effects? 

Scientists and doctors have been asking these questions since the beginning of the fluoride initiative, which first brought fluoridated tap water to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1945. 

In past articles, we’ve talked about how fluoride has been linked to ADHD, thyroid conditions, and even cancer. 

And get this: 

Research just uncovered that pregnant women who drink fluoride tap water may reduce their male children’s IQ by several points.1

That’s right... Children can be affected by fluoride before they’re even born. 

One Harvard doctor has issued an urgent warning against drinking fluoride tap water. 

If you are pregnant, stay away from tap water! 

On average, the male children’s IQ dropped by 2.3 points. There was no significant change in IQ for female children. 

“We’re talking about the fetus, and right now there is absolutely no benefit derived for the fetus,” said Christine Till of York University. “If anything, there is a potential for risk.”

Till explained that limiting fluoride during pregnancy “is a no-brainer.”2

After all, fluoride only helps when applied directly to the tooth enamel, which can’t happen until teeth begin to appear. 

In fact, recent research suggests that there may be very little if any benefit to drinking fluoridated water at all — even for adults. 

The Cochrane Collaboration — a network of researchers known for their rigorous scientific reviews — has determined that early scientific investigations into the effects of fluoride are deeply flawed. 

“We had concerns about the methods used, or the reporting of the results, in... 97 percent of the studies,” an author noted in a Cochrane report. 

Earlier studies didn’t take into account the massive number of other anti-cavity products being used, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, and dental strips. 

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This could explain why other countries without fluoridated tap water have also seen a significant decrease in cavities and tooth decay. 

With this in mind, we may all be better off without fluoride in our tap water. 

Instead, people “should take care of their teeth by reducing sugar and use other forms of topical fluorides that aren’t ingested,” explained Pamela Den Besten, a dentist at the University of California San Francisco. 

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to stay away from fluoride water. Two-thirds of the U.S. already has fluoridated water running through their faucets, and this number continues to grow, despite researchers’ warnings. 

“The hypothesis that fluoride is a neurodevelopmental toxicant must now be given serious consideration,” said David Bellinger of Boston Children’s Hospital.3

Unless this hypothesis is disproved, it may be best to stick to fluoride-free water. 

There are two ways you can eliminate fluoridated water — drink bottled water or use a water filtration system.

Unfortunately, Britta and Pur filters, which are activated carbon filters, won’t remove fluoride. The only types of filters that will remove most or all fluoride are reverse osmosis, deionizers, or activated alumina.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now

1 http://fluoridealert.org/wp-content/uploads/bellinger-editorial.2019.pdf
2 https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/2748634
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