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Written by Alex Reid
Posted August 20, 2018 at 4:23PM

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Deep Dive: Lp(a) — what every doctor, and the 10-20% of the population at risk, needs to know

If you’re scientifically-inclined, I highly recommend following the work of Peter Attia. He’s one of the few doctors bringing together the field of applied nutritional biochemistry and longevity science. The link will take you to his latest podcast, where he breakdowns the science behind the Lp(a) — a major biomarker for heart disease risk.

What is Lp(a), why does it cause damage, how is it different from cholesterol, and is it really an evolutionary holdover from the last Ice Age…

All will be answered in this latest episode.

This new edible packaging is grown from kombucha

One of the guiding principles of our company is to leave the Earth a better place than we found it. And one of the biggest issues facing the planet is plastic contamination. A recent study found that 83% of the world’s water supply is contaminated with plastic particles.

Thankfully, plastic alternatives are starting to become more and more mainstream. One of the coolest ones is a type of wrapping paper made from the popular drink Kombucha. Looks yummy.

A devastating Red Tide is destroying the Florida coast

Millions of sea creatures are being killed by a nasty outbreak of Red TIde off the coast of Florida. Red Tide — despite its name — is actually a specific type of algae. And when there’s too much of it, they emit toxic gases that suffocate marine life. Not only that, but it has serious ramifications for humans as well. Eating seafood infected with the algae can cause serious neurological or digestive issues. Not only that, but Red Tide cripples the tourism industry wherever it hits, causing massive economic damage to the communities who rely on beachgoers.

Taking An Ancestry Test Could Make It Harder To Buy Life Insurance

The field of genetics is rapidly evolving, and the popularity of genetic testing kits has exploded over the last couple years. Unfortunately, it seems like some of our worst fears — namely, that highly-detailed genetic information could be used to deny insurance to certain people — are coming true. If this is allowed to continue, our shared future could become more Orwellian than we ever imagined.

What I’m Reading: The Gene: An Intimate HIstory by Siddhartha Mukherjee

On that same note, I’ve also been making my way through The Gene. It’s a fascinating book that gives a great amount of insight into the history of genetics. I highly recommend picking it up.

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