Monsanto Tops 2010 Corporate Hall of Shame

BP, Chevron Named Runners Up

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted January 20, 2011

The votes are in and the single worst corporation of 2010 is...

(drumroll please)


Stop Corporate Abuse polled its readers and the agricultural giant topped the list of abusive companies.

Quite a feat considering the upwelling of anger over BP's massive oil spill...

Here's a quick rundown of the results, courtesy of

1st Place: Monsanto

Nothing new to us, as we've detailed Monsanto's indiscretions before.

Monsanto garnered 38% of the vote to win the 2010 Corporate Hall of Shame. From the use of aggressive legal tactics to intimidate and bankrupt local farmers to its reckless promotion of genetically modified organisms, the list of Monsanto's abuses is long, the negative impacts to human rights and the environment staggering.

Add on a 40-year track record of defiant production of dangerous and cancer causing chemicals – from Agent Orange and PCBs to RoundUp and rBGH — and we have ourselves a 'winner'.

Electing a winner isn't enough. Thousands upon thousands agree — Monsanto must change its practices.

Act now to demand GMO labeling.

1st Runner Up: BP

In 2010, BP was responsible for the worst environmental catastrophe in U.S. history, devastating the livelihoods of millions across the Gulf Coast.

BP put profits ahead of safety, leading to the explosion that cost the lives of eleven oil rig workers.

Call on Congress to regulate BP.

2nd Runner Up: Chevron

Chevron dumped more than 18.5 billion gallons of highly toxic chemicals into Ecuador's drinking water supply, causing widespread disease and illness.

To make matters worse, the corporation refuses to clean up its mess or compensate its victims.

Tell Chevron to clean up its mess.

Even though this year is young, you can already nominate your least favorite company for the 2011 Hall of Shame.

In the meantime, raise your glass and toast some organic champagne to Monsanto on their esteemed new position as the worst corporation of 2010.

Yours in health,


Jimmy Mengel
Contributing Editor, Clear Health Now


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