The REAL reason behind red wine and dark chocolate's health perks

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 5, 2019

Dear Reader,

If you're looking for an excuse to eat chocolate and drink wine, look no further!

The latest research shows that compounds found in dark chocolate and dry red wine can help prevent certain life-threatening diseases.

These compounds are called flavonoids. They are plant nutrients that act as powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

You can find flavonoids in all plant foods. But there's a problem… 

Most people don't get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet to experience the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

In fact, scientists estimate that around 7.8 million people prematurely die each year because they don't consume fruit and vegetables.

This is primarily due to the protective effects of flavonoids in plant-based foods. 

According to a recent report published in the Nature Communications journal, people who consume foods rich in flavonoids are far less likely to develop cancer and heart disease. 

This report is just one of many new pieces of evidence that suggest flavonoids are far more critical to a healthy life than previously believed.

But get this: Foods that are particularly potent in flavonoids — like dark chocolate and red wine — may help make up for the lack of vegetables and fruits in a person's diet. 

In fact, the beneficial effects of flavonoids may even help significantly reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease in those who are smokers and heavy drinkers. 

In a Healthline interview, Nicola Bondonno, Ph.D., the lead researcher of this study, explained, "The best thing to do for your health is to not smoke and cut down on alcohol. But these kinds of lifestyle changes can be challenging, so encouraging flavonoid consumption might be a novel way to alleviate the increased risk while also encouraging people to quit smoking and reduce their alcohol intake."

So how can you increase your flavonoid intake? 

Five hundred milligrams of flavonoids each day seems to have the most substantial effect. However, as much as 1,000 milligrams can be beneficial for preventing certain types of cancer. 

The best thing you can do, of course, is to increase the number of fruits and vegetables you consume daily. Five hundred milligrams of flavonoids is undoubtedly achievable through fresh plant-based foods.  

However, some people have digestive sensitivities to certain fruits and vegetables, or they just aren't able to fit enough into their diet on a regular basis. 

There are still ways you can increase your flavonoids...

A glass of dry red wine and a piece of dark chocolate (70% cocoa minimum) can help significantly boost your flavonoid intake. 

Organic green tea, apples, and oranges are also highly potent sources of flavonoids.

Some research suggests that having a wide range of different flavonoid-rich foods may be even more beneficial than getting them all from the same source.

Consider adding this to your diet:

  • A cup of green tea with breakfast.
  • An apple or some berries with lunch.
  • A serving of broccoli with dinner.
  • A glass of red wine with a piece of dark chocolate for dessert.

In the spirit of the holidays, cheers and be merry!

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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