The Traveler's Guide to Staying Healthy

Written by Alex Reid
Posted March 17, 2020

Dear Reader,

Traveling — whether it's for business or pleasure — can be a rewarding experience. But it can wear down your health if you're not careful…

And during times like these... I'd suggest traveling sparingly.

But if you must...

Today, we want to share with you a quick traveler's guide to staying healthy.

Use this guide, and you'll have a far easier time kicking jet lag, dodging colds, avoiding weight gain, and feeling your best

Traveler Tip #1: Make healthy food choices. Nearly half of travelers indulge in unhealthy foods while on business trips. Subsequently, almost half of all travelers gain weight while on business trips.

Though travel can be exciting, it's essential not to overindulge in snacks, fast food, and other unhealthy choices.

Instead, try packing a soft-sided cooler with fresh foods like cut vegetables, fresh fruit, pre-cooked meats, cheese sticks, and hard-boiled eggs.

If you choose not to bring a cooler, you can bring nuts, seeds, trail mix, and cured meats instead. This will help you avoid snacking on the wrong foods. 

Just keep in mind that portion sizes matter, too…

Plan out meals beforehand to give yourself less room to fail. When eating out, read the nutrition information, avoid empty calories, have a healthy protein with each meal, and ask for healthy substitutions for things like fries. 

Traveler Tip #2: Stay hydrated. Becoming dehydrated is one of the most common mistakes travelers make. Not only will proper hydration keep you feeling good, but it will also help with cravings. 

If you're not flying, bring a full bottle of water with you and sip on it frequently. If you are flying, bring an empty water bottle to fill after security. 

Another big mistake is drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol can cause dehydration and reduce your immune system's health.

Traveler Tip #3: Don't forget to exercise. Exercise is often the last thing on a traveler's mind. However, it's essential to continue an exercise routine, even while on the go.

Though it can be challenging, it's not at all impossible to stay active while traveling. 

Start by packing the right clothes — this will significantly improve your chances of getting in a workout. 

If you typically work out in a gym, try to choose a hotel with a quality fitness center. Give yourself an extra 30 minutes in the morning to complete a workout — just don't overdo it. 

You can also bring basic exercise equipment with you if you know you won’t have access to a gym. Jump ropes and resistance bands won't take up much space in your luggage. Plus, this might be best in a near-self-quarantine era.

Traveler Tip #4: Take your vitamins. Getting the right nutrients isn't always possible on a trip… And your body may need additional nutrients to cope with time changes, extra immune system strain, and a lack of sleep. 

So always have some vitamins and minerals on hand. Most of all, you want to have vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, and a vitamin B complex. 

You can also pack ashwagandha root to help your body adapt to high-stress situations.

Traveler Tip #5: Get plenty of sleep. Your body needs plenty of time to recover while you're traveling… especially when you're in high-stress situations. 

Seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is ideal. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible, particularly on long flights. 

For overnight flights, try taking a natural sleep aid to help you get the rest you need. Try melatonin, valerian root, or lavender essential oil. 

Give these tips a try and see if they help you stay healthier on your next trip. 

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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