Three Everyday Herbs to Help Prevent Cancer

Three Everyday Herbs to Help Prevent Cancer

Written by Alex Reid
Posted October 25, 2013

One of the benefits of living in our time is that this is an age of science and technological advancements. Modern medicine can accomplish nearly anything.

If you cut off your arm, doctors can reattach it. If your heart fails, they can transplant a new one into your body or give you an artificial one until a suitable donor is found.

We don’t worry as much about disease anymore because for any sickness – from allergies to HIV to cancer – there are multiple treatment options available.

There are many different pills that we can take. But why not try herbs that prevent cancer?!

Modern science has grown in leaps and bounds while natural medicine – the wisdom accrued over thousands of years – has largely been drowned out by television commercials for the latest miracle drug.

Embracing Natural Solutions

Long before there were pharmaceutical companies and profit margins, there were medicine men and healers whose job was to keep their communities healthy and cure sickness.

These early physicians did far more than bandage wounds and mend broken bones. They treated and prevented diseases with the bounty that nature provided.

Many of these treatments and cures are still being used today. Some have only recently been discovered in the Western World. To read the headlines, you would think they were entirely new! But using herbs that prevent cancer dates back so far.

Unknown Cancer Fighters Found in Three Powerful Herbal Extracts

Cancer is one of the most feared, yet most common, diseases that plague us today. The big “C” word can strike terror into your heart no matter how advanced medical science has become.

Being proactive and introducing your body to a healthy diet of natural cancer-fighters is not good sense – it is delicious!

With a small amount of research, these three simple herbal extracts stand out as natural preventatives.

They’ve been used in holistic medicine for thousands of years and contain potent cancer-fighting properties.


A common ingredient in Asian cooking, turmeric is a spice used in herbal remedies in India, China, and Indonesia. The active ingredient of turmeric is an antioxidant calledcurcumin. Turmeric has been used medicinally for nearly three thousand years.

Laboratory studies have shown that the curcumin in turmeric kills some cancer cells and slows the growth of those that survive. In animal studies, it reduced the development of several types of cancer and measurably shrank existing tumors.


Often used for energy and pep, ginseng also relieves severe fatigue – a common side effect of traditional cancer treatments.

Your immune system responds well to ginseng – keeping you stronger and preventing development of the disease in the first place.

A study at the School of Chinese Medicine – Hong Kong Baptist University – recently showed ginseng’s anti-tumor qualities. Though ginseng is a cancer killer, unlike traditional cancer therapies – it is selective. It kills cancer cells without harming healthy non-cancerous cells nearby.

An important word of caution, ginseng is sometimes processed with ethanol. This causes it to have similar properties of estrogen.

High levels of estrogen can stimulate breast cancer. Be sure that the herbs and supplements you purchase are pure.


You may be familiar with lemongrass in tea or as a natural mosquito repellent. However many people are unaware that citral – an extract of lemongrass – stimulates the process of apoptosis in laboratory tests.

Citral is the component that gives lemongrass its potent, lemony aroma. Aside from having a pleasant scent and forcing cancer cells to commit suicide, researchers have discovered that it also inhibits the development of tumors in the digestive tract, on the skin, colon, lung, and possibly even in the ovaries.

In simple language, extract of lemongrass causes cancer cells to self-destruct.

Cancer is a dangerous disease and you must change your health habits and try new herbs that prevent cancer!

*Post courtesy of Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, Allergy Detective. He is a founding member of the British Society for Nutrition, Allergy and Environmental Medicine. You can read more at his website.


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