Untreatable Lyme disease is spreading: CDC says do THIS

Tick season is upon us

Written by Alex Reid
Posted April 29, 2019

Hi y'all,

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast of the United States, you REALLY need to pay close attention.

But while those regions will be the hardest hit, it's not clear that the rest of the country will fare much better.

Because according to CDC data, ticks and the Lyme disease some carry are spreading FAST. Some estimates show 2 million Americans being affected by 2020.

And some of the new strains are very difficult to deal with, thwarting the standard treatments of antibiotics.

In general, April through September is the riskiest period.

The CDC advises:

Avoid grassy, brushy or wooded areas where ticks can live and treating clothing with 0.5 percent permethrin products and Environmental Protection Agency–approved insect repellents before going into areas where the bugs might lurk. 

That full story from Newsweek is right here.

In other news, a study from JAMA Pediatrics shows that on any given day, one in five American youngsters don't drink any water at all.

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Instead, they end up consuming almost twice as many calories from sugar-sweetened beverages.

According to the study's author, Asher Rosinger of Pennsylvania State University:

Water is the healthiest beverage to drink... it's an essential nutrient that is critical to proper physiological and cognitive functioning...

Sugary drinks are problematic because they have been linked to many negative health conditions, such as weight gain, dental [cavities], and type 2 diabetes.

More information on that unfortunate story is here.

And finally, a promising new study from the International Journal of Stroke shows that listening to music aids in stroke recovery.

Even if it just improves the mood of stroke victims, this would be worthwhile! But this research suggests that the effects may even go beyond that.

You can find the journal article right here.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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