Water in this U.S. state RAISES your cancer risk

If you live here (or several other places) you need to empty your glass NOW

Written by Alex Reid
Posted May 6, 2019

Hi y'all,

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

And if you live in Flint, Michigan, or Baltimore, Maryland, you may know to treat your water supply with a healthy amount of suspicion.

But one state may be surprised to hear that a recent report found a whole range of toxic chemicals in the water supply.

According to the report:

Researchers with the Environmental Working Group, an advocacy non-profit, studied the combined health impacts of contaminants found in 2,737 community water systems and calculated that prolonged consumption of the contaminated water could cause almost 15,500 new cases of cancer.

I'm talking about...


So if you live in California, you need to seriously consider a high-quality water filtration setup...

Or perhaps a real estate agent.

That full story, from The Guardian, is right here.

Next up, a study out of Texas shows that accident rates are extremely high among the popular electric scooter craze.

Popping up in cities all over, riders simply unlock the scooter with a smartphone app, pay a nominal fee, and start cruising down the street.

Unfortunately, there's a step most people skip:

Putting on a helmet.

Which is leading to a lot of accidents. 

The research team calculated that on average, 20 individuals are injured per 100,000 e-scooter trips.

Of those injured riders, almost half sustained head injuries. Fifteen percent experienced traumatic brain injuries.

The Texas scooter study can be found right here.

In other news, a young girl seemed to escape relatively unharmed from a poisonous snakebite...

At least until she got the hospital bill:

A staggering $143,000.

It turns out there are very few suppliers of snake antivenin, allowing them to raise the price to an outrageous degree.

Learn more about this snakebite case from Ars Technica in the full story here.

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President, Clear Health Now


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