Why Your Body Craves These Two Vitamins — Especially Now

Written by Alex Reid
Posted March 19, 2020

Dear Reader,

Every fall and winter...

The northern hemisphere leans further and further away from the sun...

Leading to shorter days and longer nights.

As a result, your skin gets less sunlight, and your vitamin D levels drop significantly.

And this is a huge problem…

Every single cell in the human body has a vitamin D receptor. Unlike all other vitamins, vitamin D acts as a hormone, which affects virtually every part of the body.

When your vitamin D levels lower... your absorption of calcium lowers, you become more susceptible to illnesses and diseases, your brain starts to feel foggy…

The list goes on and on. 

The solution is simple: Take some vitamin D supplements, right?

Well… It’s not quite that simple… 

Countless studies show that vitamin D supplements can actually contribute to arterial blockages and cardiovascular conditions.

Although vitamin D supplements enable the absorption of calcium, the calcium goes to the wrong places.

As the vitamin D circulates through your cardiovascular system, it sticks to the artery walls, causing calcium buildup and blockages.

So while vitamin D supplements might technically supply your body with enough vitamin D, they can cause just as much harm as good

Our ancestors didn’t have this same problem. They spent plenty of time in the sunlight — enough that their bodies could store it in fat tissue for the winter months without the need for supplements. 

That has all changed as the majority of jobs moved indoors.

Thankfully, there’s one nutrient that fixes this whole problem… 

And in the cooler months of the year, our bodies literally crave it

This nutrient is vitamin K2

Vitamin D and K2 have a special dynamic…

When you have them together, they redirect calcium away from your arteries and into your bones. 

This incredible combination eliminates the huge problem we have with taking vitamin D supplements alone. 

Now you can enjoy the health-boosting benefits of vitamin D without increasing calcium-related health risks. 

This forgotten nutrient has the potential to make a massive impact on your health. 

But there’s one more thing you should know… 

Not all forms of vitamin D are the same

There are two primary forms: D2 and D3

Vitamin D2 is the synthetic version of vitamin D. Not only is it not natural, but it also isn’t absorbed by the body like vitamin D3 is. 

In fact, D2 may even have the potential to become toxic in the body.

Avoid this form at all costs! 

Vitamin D3 is the natural form of vitamin D, and it’s absorbed by the body far more efficiently. This is the type of vitamin D your body craves.

Vitamin D3 and K2 are an incredible combination…

Together, they have the ability to:

  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Wipe out brain fog.
  • Promote bone health.
  • Support dental health.
  • Potentially reduce cancer risk.
  • Promote immune system health.
  • Support overall health and wellness.

That's why it only makes sense that you try Solar K2 + D3.

Bambu Naturals, our sister company, created it with you in mind. Now, you don’t have to waste your time on any other vitamin D supplement.

I call Solar K2 + D3 the "best of both worlds." You get the best of what vitamin K and vitamin D have to offer:

  • 5000 IU of vitalizing vitamin D3.
  • 100 mcg of high-quality vitamin K2 (MK-7).
  • 210 mg of added calcium for bone support.
  • 5 mg BioPerine for increased bioavailability.
  • Created in an FDA-registered facility.
  • 100% made in the USA. 
  • Easy to swallow.
  • 100% vegetarian-friendly capsule.

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To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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