Witness: Pharma exec gave lap dance to Dr. while promoting drug

Rep for manufacturer of powerful opiate fentanyl allegedly used a lap dance as a promotion technique

Written by Alex Reid
Posted February 4, 2019

Hi y'all,

Alex Reid here.

Unfortunately, the news about the opiate epidemic isn't getting any better.

Stranger, yes.

More sordid, sure!

But this continues to be one of the great public health failings of our era. Just check out this recent story out of Boston.

And the source is sound: a former employee of a fentanyl manufacturer, one of the most potent and deadly opiates around.

Allegedly, a former stripper had become the regional sales director for this pharmaceutical company. And she used her unique resume to promote her drugs — by giving a lap dance to a doctor.

As absurd as this fact is, the overall story is deadly serious.

And it's just one example of alleged bribery to promote opiate painkillers. In fact, the same doctor is alleged to have taken over $70,000 in "speaking fees" from this same pharma company.

According to the story:

The testimony in federal court in Boston came in the first criminal trial of painkiller manufacturer executives over conduct that authorities say contributed to a U.S. opioid abuse epidemic that has killed tens of thousands of people a year.

Get the full story from Reuters right here.

Opiates are dramatic, but they're not the only dangerous substance facing our nation.

Sugar may be quietly doing just as much damage.

And recently released email evidence shows how powerful soft-drink companies are manipulating government regulations all the way up the ranks of the Centers for Disease Control.

That story is right here.

And finally, to leave you on a positive note, recent stem cell research shows promise for treating type 1 diabetes.

In a remarkable story out of the University of California, San Francisco, researchers have been able to grow insulin-producing cells in a lab.

This could literally be a lifesaver for millions. Get the research from UCSF right here.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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